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Here are a few examples of websites created by Design Edge Studio. Please keep in mind that the possibilities are almost endless. Prices vary depending on many factors including the size of the site, content, images and your level of involvement.

Small Websites
These websites are a great way for small businesses to showcase a product or for individuals to have a simple web presence without costing a fortune. Typically consisting of just a few basic pages, they're the equivalent of an online brochure or calling card.
Earth Day 2008 Earth Day 2008
This non-profit organization needed a simple, one-page web presence to announce an upcoming event, and they needed it fast. Created with 'jump links' instead of traditional navigation. Orlando Faux
This simple, one-page site is an online business card for this company. With the ability to grow with their business, this site can easily made into a multi-page website.
Ashburn Family Site

The Ashburns
This site is an online photo album for a family stretching across the country. An easy way to share pictures and stories without cluttering everyone's e-mails.

Medium Websites
Designed for small to medium sized organizations needing a bit more than a basic web presence. These sites are large enough to 'validate' your business to potential clients and customers.
Wilmington's Earth Day 2009 Earth Day 2009
This non-profit organization changes their entire theme annual and needs their website to reflect it. For the 2nd year, we've made their new concept come to life. Art By DAW
This artist needed to showcase his creations in a way that was as unique as the art itself. A great way to validate an up-and-coming artist.
Revolution In Health Revolution In Health
Built to reflect the vision of its owner. An interactive form helps communication between these Health Coaches and their clients.
Pewter Vessels Pewter Vessels
Simple, clean design was used to highlight this artist's style. A relatively small site, designed with clear, bold navigation.

Palm Garden Care & Design

Palm Garden
Using a template created exclusively for this company, one-click administration allows for quick updates to any of the photos — easily carrying the changes throughout the entire site.
The Gingerbread House The Gingerbread House
"Fun, safe & happy" was the theme behind this site. Intended to easily pass info onto families, the design was a true collaboration between the facility director, owner and Design Edge Studio.
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Gingerbread House Childcare
Large Websites
Medium to large organizations typically find this size fits their needs. Designed with the end user in mind, simple, one-click navigation makes it easy for visitors to find what they need. These sites allow you to showcase everything about your business - without costing a fortune.
Turner Time Consulting Turner Time Consulting
This Tampa, Florida consulting firm focuses on marketing, coaching & training and knew their website was an important tool for their success.
Windermere Pool Services Windermere Pool Services
This Central Florida pool company needed a clean, modern website to show the Orlando area what makes their services better than others. This interactive site includes an online chat, social media and more.
Roof Top Cafe Roof Top Cafe
This Key West restaurant needed a sophisticated website to showcase their unique style to groups, weddings and tourists.
» visit the Roof Top Cafe site GFWC Four Corners

Built to reflect the vision and heart of this volunteer organization, this GFWC local chapter wanted to show their members personality and passion for their community.

The club website was awarded 1st Place in the 2010 GFWC national organization's annual website competition.

Going Green Publications Going Green
An inter-active calendar is key to this site's success. Built to handle quick updates not available in traditional print material.
» visit the Going Green site
High Five Health High Five Health
Built to help communicate with their health clients, this crisp design reflects the vision of the business. This design includes social media, an online chat feature, newsletters and an interactive feedback form.
Lower Cape Fear Stewardship Development Award Program Stewardship Program
Simplicity and organization were key for this website. Completely redesigned from an existing website that was less than 1/2 this size. The colorful, original logo was the inspiration for the design.
Entourage Consulting Entourage Consulting
Not your typical wine & spirits promotion company, Entourage wanted their website to reflect their bold approach to professionalism in the wine wolrd.
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Entourage Consulting
Survivor Orlando Survivor Orlando
After 3 years of local Survivor competitions, this group wanted a website to share their experiences. The site allows them an avenue for simple communication.
» visit the Survivor site
Super-Sized Websites
These websites are designed for organizations requiring a complete web presence. These sites are content-rich with features such as calendars, galleries, maps and multi-layered navigation. Although price is not directly related to the size of the site, these web sites are typically more than 20 pages. Action Keys Realty
More than 75 pages and 50 image galleries make this site's clean navigation crucial. Organization, content and future growth all played important roles in the design.
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Action Keys Realty



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