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Useful Links

Some of these links are useful, and some are just plain fun. If you know of any exceptionally fun or useful websites, please contact us and perhaps we'll add them to this page.


Website & Internet Resources

Adobe® Acrobat

Adobe® Acrobat is a free tool for viewing PDF files.
>>visit Adobe® Acrobat

Adobe® Shockwave

Adobe Shockwave Player is a required player for viewing Adobe Shockwave files.
>>visit Adobe® Shockwave

Adobe® Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is a required player for viewing Adobe Flash files.
>>visit Adobe® Flash Player


Netscape® Navigator

Free web browser that is still available in many versions, some include an e-mail client. The newest version, Netscape® Navigator 9, is a browser-only release.
>>visit Netscape® Navigator


Firefox® 2

Award-winning web browser from Mozilla. The Mozilla Foundation was created with donations and support from Netscape/AOL in 2003. Now considered to be among the top internet browsers on the market.
>>visit Firefox® 2


Internet Explorer

Miscrosoft's free web browser available in many versions. The most recent, Internet Explorer 7 has the benefit of tabbed browser windows and virus protection.
>>visit Internet Explorer


Website Magazine

A completely free publication that's beneficial to more than just designers. Great information about the Internet's current trends, web site statistics and online profitability.
>>click here for free subscription to Website Magazine



Other Interesting Resources

Healthy living with "High Five Health "

An incredible lifestyle choice for people wanting healthier living. Whether you're in need of dropping a few pounds, lowering your cholesterol, or need to manage your Type 2 Diabetes, this program can help. With the assistance of a Certified Health Coach, your goals can be achieved.
>>visit the site


Email Marketing with Constant ContactEmails for Small Business with Constant Contact

An excellent contact management system that makes it simple to keep in touch with your business, clients and associates. Click the image to the right to visit the Constant Contact site and to receive a free trial of their services.




GreenDimes stops your entire household’s junk mail and plants 10 trees on your behalf for $20. They also offer you the choice to remove only the catalogs you don’t want. The impact is huge. In just over a year, they've stopped 3 million pounds of junk mail and saved and/or planted 1,000,000 trees. They have over 75,000 members and are supported by: The NY Times, Ellen, and Good Morning America.
>>visit the site


Google Earth

Google Earth combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.
>>visit the Google Earth site



See what everybody is talking about right now, and add your two cents. That's the basic idea behind this clever blog-style website.
>>visit the Newsvine site

Everybody's going green, so if you want to get with the program, this is a good place to start. The 'Ecological Footprint Quiz' contains 14 questions about your driving, eating and other personal habits, then gives you the ugly truth—your total carbon footprint, in acres.
>>visit the Ecofoot site

A vast and varied repository of how-to videos ranging from how to use a stick shift to how to apply eye makeup and how to fold an origami falcon (or flower, or fish...). More than 1,800 individuals have contributed content so far.
>>visit the Expert Village site


Equifax Get Your Equifax Product Now!

This one is kind of personal to me. I had my credit identity stolen quite a few years ago. Not a fun experience, and if I would have had some type of credit protection at the time - it wouldn't have been quite so painful.
>>visit the Equifax site

Fun Stuff

A YouTube alternative for an in-crowd of comedians and actors. There's also some odd and amusing stuff from Will Ferrell, who launched the site with writers Adam McKay (Talladega Nights) and Chris Henchy (Entourage).
>>visit the FunnyOrDie site

This is the next generation of television, delivered in broadcast-quality streams. 150 channels of free TV of all tastes, from episodes of CSI and old G.I. Joe cartoons to the NHL playoffs. The service is still in its beta-test phase.
>>visit the Joost site

For $10 this site will create your own personalized Nintendo Wii game character, or "Mii." You upload a digital photo of yourself, register your Wii's ID, and when the Mii is ready (it takes a few days) you use your console's built-in Wi-Fi to download the avatar to your machine.
>>visit the MiiStation site


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